Questions 22 -25 are based on the following interview between a reporter and Mr. Smith on his website.

1.[单选题]Whom is the man's website mainly meant for?
  • A.College students in Asia.
  • B.English learners of all ages.
  • C.Teenagers and young adults.
  • D.Any visitors for entertainment.
2.[单选题]Which industry is the man's website concerned with?
  • A.News.
  • B.Music.
  • C.Education.
  • D.Television.
3.[单选题]What does the man hope his website will do in three years?
  • A.Fulfill its short-term goal.
  • B.Get a big market in Asia.
  • C.Become self-financed.
  • D.Get more investments.
4.[单选题]What does the website want its visitors to get familiar with?
  • A.Classic films.
  • B.Western music.
  • C.English accents.
  • D.Public speeches.
参考答案: C,C,B,C
解题思路:W: Mr. Smith, could you please tell me how you came up with the idea of founding the website of English products?
M: Both my business partner and I had experience on how to make knowledge transform into industries of music, television and news. And we agree that education would be the next, especially English teaching.
W: There are many other web products in English teaching. How could your English products stand out?
M: We are the only online service that uses a totally ultimate approach focusing on the 14 -25 age group.
W: I have known that many language learning products use computer voice to pronounce vocabularies and sentences. Do you use the same way?
M: Not only that. Our users can hear and see exactly how words and phrases are used and pronounced in the movies and music videos on the site. By playing those over and over, users can also get used to many very different accents in English and varying speech and speech delivery.
W: Where do you see yourselves three years from now?
M: We hope to be present in Asia in a very big way. We are self-financed, so we don't have pressures from investors for fulfilling a short-term objective. We know it will take time, but we will do everything to get there.>>>立即刷题