By definition, heroes and heroines are men and women distinguished by uncommon courage, achievements, and self-sacrifice made most for the benefits of others-they are people against whom we measure others. They are men and women recognized for shaping our nation’s consciousness and development as well as the lives of those who admire them. Yet, some people say that ours is an age where true heroes and heroines are hard to come by, where the very idea of heroism is something beyond us – an artifact of the past. Some maintain, that because the Cold War is over and because America is at peace, our age is essentially an unheroic one. Furthermore, the overall crime rate is down, poverty has been eased by a strong and growing economy, and advances continue to be made in medical science.

    Cultural icons are hard to define, but we know them when we see them. They are people who manage to go beyond celebrity(明星), who are legendary, who somehow manage to become mythic. But what makes some figures icons and others mere celebrities? That’s hard to answer. In part, their lives have the quality of a story to tell. For instance, the beautiful young Diana Spencer who at 19 married a prince, renounced marriage and the throne, and died at the moment she found true love. Good looks certainly help. So does a special indefinable charm, with the help of the media. But nothing confirms an icon more than a tragic death – such as Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Princess Diana.

1.[单选题]What is more likely to set an icon’s status?
  • A.Good looks
  • B.Tragic and early death
  • C.Personal attraction
  • D.The quality of one’s story
2.[单选题]The passage mainly deals with _______.
  • and death
  • B.heroes and heroines
  • C.heroes and icons
  • D.icons and celebrities
3.[单选题]Which of the following statements is wrong?
  • A.Poverty in America has been eased with the economic growth
  • B.Superstars are famous for being famous
  • C.One’s look can contribute to being famous
  • D.Heroes and heroines can only emerge in war times
4.[单选题]Heroes and heroines are usually _______.
  • A.courageous
  • B.good example to follow
  • C.self-sacrificing
  • D.all of the above
5.[单选题]Beautiful young Diana Spencer found her genuine love _______.
  • A.when she was 19
  • B.when she became a princess
  • C.just before her death
  • D.after she gave birth to a prince
参考答案: B,D,D,D,C