You have just spent a weekend staying at the Hilton Hotel in Nanjing. When you get home you find that you have left a bag at the hotel. Write to the hotel manager and inquire whether the bag has been found. Give any relevant information about the bag and its contents. Ask the manager to contact you immediately if the bag is found and tell him or her to send the bag to you. You should write appropriately 100 words. Do not sign your name at the end of your letter . Use“Michael Johnson” instead. You do not need to write the address .

参考答案: Dear Mr . Simpson,
Could you please check your Lost and Found Office and see if my bag is there ? I stayed in Room 609 of your hotel from April 28 to May 6. When I arrived home I found that I had left one of my bags there. It is a small, white plastic bag with a narrow strap. Inside the bag you will find several business cards, a pen, a post-it pad, an E-note book, three copies of a sales contract and a silver cellular phone as well. I would appreciate it if you could let me know the result as soon as possible, since I need the contract this week. If you could send the bag to me by express service, I will pay for it on delivery.
Thank you for your help.
Yours sincerelyMichael Johnson

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