My name is Wang Fang. I am in Grade Six. I like to go to school. Now I want to tell you something about our class.

There are fifty students in our class. Twenty-four students are girls. We always help each other. We have ten teachers in our class. They all work hard. We like them. There are four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. There is a PE class on Tuesday afternoon. I like it very much. I am good at playing football and basketball.

Our classroom is very beautiful. There is a blackboard on the front wall. There is a teacher's desk in front of the blackboard. There are two maps on the wall. One is a map of the world. The other is a map of China. Our classroom is very nice and tidy, because we clean it every afternoon.

1.[单选题]What subjects does Wang Fang like?
  • C.PE
2.[单选题]Which is right?
  • A.There are three teachers in her class.
  • B.There are two maps of China on the wall.
  • C.Wang Feng plays football well.
3.[单选题]There are______boys in her class.
  • A. twenty-six  
  • B.twenty-five
  • C.twenty-four
4.[单选题]There are_______classes in a day.
  • A.four
  • B.two  
5.[单选题]This passage is about_______.
  • A.Wang Fang
  • B.Wang Fang's family
  • C.Wang Fang's class
参考答案: C,C,A,C,C