For this part , you are required to write a composition of about 120 words on the topic A Sense of Humor. You should base your composition on the following outline: A Sense of Humor1 . A sense of humor is a personal asset .2 . Humor plays an important role in our life .3 . conclusion

参考答案: A Sense of Humor
    A sense of humor is considered a valuable personal asset . Our charm lies in our sense of humor, which can help us in many ways. Humor can amuse us. Humorous words often make us laugh, thus enabling us to forget our worries and sorrows . That will benefit us both physically and mentally.
    Humor also helps us solve serious problems. Many people use humor successfully to dispel unavoidable misunderstanding and tension with others. Humor, as a“pacifier”, can inject a light note into the touchy situation to ease these problems better than angry words or quarrels. It can help us communicate well with others and achieve our goals.
    Humor can really solve problems apart from amusing people . If we use it properly, we will enjoy endless happiness and success.
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