In this part you are required to write a composition on the topic Words I Will Never Forget . You should write about 120 words.

参考答案: Words I Will Never Forget
    When I was 16 years old, I went to Beijing to attend high school . Life there was quite different from what I had expected . People often seemed tense . I felt very helpless and lonely .
    One of my hardest classes was English .We often had group discussions . All the other students were good at it, but I wasn’ t . One afternoon, the teacher asked me to report the result of our group discussion to the whole class . For most people, this would be easy but I was terrified that I would make a fool of myself . One of the boys in my group saw how nervous I was . He whispered to me,“Come on, you can do that .” You can’ t imagine how those inspiring words made me feel . I was so encouraged . I made it . My report gained loud applause .
    I have never forgotten his words of encouragement .Whenever things aren’ t going well, I think of those simple words“: Come on, you can do that .” They have a lasting effect on me .Now l can talk with others in English most confidently and fluently.