Below is a graph showing the contrast between TV watchers and movie watchers from1980 to 2008.Study carefully the graph and write an essay titled Film is Giving Way to TV, reference with the following points: 1)rise and fall of the numbers of watchers as indicated by the graph2)the possible reason for the contrast3)Your composition should be no less than l20 words.Quote as few figures as possible.

参考答案: Film is Giving Way to TV
According to the statistics of the graph, there are fewer and fewer peo-ple going to cinema now. On the other hand, more and more people watchTV at home. Maybe these two trends are connected in two ways.
Firstly, now every house owns a television set. People can watch dif-ferent programs on TV. TV stations also provide the latest films, so there isno need to go to cinema any more.
Secondly, it is becoming more and more expensive to make films, andthe tickets are very expensive. So people prefer to buy VCD or DVD, andwatch films at home. That would be rather convenient and comfortable.
But there are still some people like to see films in the cinema. Maybeit is more entertaining to watch the films on a big screen.