Part C Directions :

    Read the following text from which five sentences have been removed. Choose front the sen­tences A -G the most suitable one to fill each numbered gap in the text (41 -45). There are two extra sentences that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

   Entrepreneurs and small business owners are typically buried in demands and obligations. So, learning to say “ no” and focus on the right things is critically important.

    Vickie Milazzo, a very successful businessman and author of Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, has some useful advice that could certainly benefit just about anyone not just women.

    Use your time wisely. 41____ You have to work hard at them every day,sometimes in very small steps, so you should commit to doing something every day toward your goal and reach it in separate but related stages.

    Abandon perfectionism. When you get there, success may not look like what you expected. 42___ You all have your own idea of how success will look and feel when you get there, so your ability to be flexible and adjust your goals could get you to a place of success much earlier than you otherwise might.

    43____ If you are struggling to achieve a goal, you cannot learn much from someone else who is struggling to achieve that same goal. Therefore, you should look around for other people who have achieved what you want. In other words, you should find those whose work you admire and model yourself after them.

    Keep it fresh. 44____ Tap back into the frame of mind you had when you were just starting out. Finding Chat passion again will often renew your energy and engagement.

    Finally, give yourself a break. If you stepped back and looked at your daily routine objective­ly, as if it were happening to your best friend, what would your advice be? Would it be: Slow down? 45____ or spend a few moments enjoying the day?

[A]   More haste, less speed.

[B]   Hang on to your dreams.

[C]   Take a few deep breaths?

[D]   Do you remember why you wanted the career you have?

[E]   You cannot achieve big goals overnight.

[F]   Find successful people to learn from and imitate.

[G]   So, you should adjust your expectations and definition of success along the way.

            参考答案: G,F,E,D,C