Directions:Read the text below. Write an essay in about 120 words, in which you should summarize the. Key points of the text and make comments on them. Try to use your own words. Dear Sally, It was amazing to see your dance performance last weekend. I felt so proud of you when your teacher and schoolmates congratulated you upon your completion of the performance. While you continue to enjoy the moment, I'd like to share with you a small quote from Abraham Lincoln, “This, too, shall pass away.” I want these words to be your guide at every turning point in your life. When you're feeling very proud of yourself at an achievement, knowing no bounds at that moment, remember that “Tiffs, too, shall pass away.”When you're at a difficult moment in your life and don't know what to do, find comfort in the same words-" This, too, shall pass away. " I' m not saying that the ache of some losses and setbacks will completely go away from your life. In fact, often the memories of painful events will hit you unexpectedly like tons Of bricks and take your breath away years after they happen. But, like all humans, you have an almost infinite capacity to adapt to life's changes and a great ability to bounce back from trying times. This understanding should give you a spark of hope when you're in a season of despair; it should also build up your confidence for taking risks in the future. Sally, our lives are made up of several peaks and several valleys. That's the nature of life. Live each moment as it comes. And always remember “This, too, shall pass away.”

参考答案:     Sally's father wrote her a letter. In the letter, firstly, he congratulated her on her success in the dance performance last week. Secondly, her father shared a quote with her: This, too, shall pass away.

    In truth, this sentence can be applied to many situations. When we are in a successful moment in life, just like Sally, we have to remember that we cannot always be successful. This moment shall quickly pass away. If you want a continued success, we should do more. When we face difficulties, we also need to know that we have infinite capacity to adapt to life's changes.

    Whether in happiness or in misery, we should keep in mind that: this too, shall pass away.

解题思路: 【写作点金】
firstly…secondly… 首先…其次…
congratulate sb.on sth. 因某事祝贺某人
share sth.with sb. 跟某人分享某事
in truth 事实上,实际上
apply to 应用于,适用于
keep in mind 牢记